Arnold+Sukroso // Synchrotron E.P.

Arnold+Sukroso – Synchrotron E.P.

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Two virtuosic one-man-bands join forces to create electronic music based on their very own roots: drumsticks and acoustic guitar. This new supersonic duo, consisting of drummer Sebastian Arnold and “AcPad-Guitar” inventor Robin Sukroso brings you the exciting mixture of handplayed beats, live looped guitar synthesizing and catchy vocals. The EP includes remixes by Calm Chor, Jozak Sander and Powel. Listen to this before machines are taking over romance.

7" Vinyl + Download:

Package consists of the 7 inch Vinyl single (2 songs) and MP3 download code for the full EP (8 songs).

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Arnold+Sukroso – Synchrotron E.P.

7" Vinyl + Download

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Poster – Arnold+Sukroso


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Arnold+Sukroso – Synchrotron E.P.

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