Sebastian Arnold // Attempt to change a running system e.p.

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Sebastian Arnold – Attempt to change a running system e.p.

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Sebastian Arnold's second solo album consequently focusses on the drummer's outstanding live performance on drums and synthesizers throughout 45 minutes of music: danceable electronic beats meet post-rock and indietronica, played live without a laptop, without playback, without a hidden agenda. Long arcs and accentuated synth lines coin the six tracks. The grooves are made out of oscillators, voices and loops while the drumset contributes the barnstorming energy. The title says what's going on: How the live set was moved towards a strongly electronic post-rock sound is audible on this record. Classic song structures on "4 years" alternate with electronic beats and intricate rhythms culminating in drum 'n bass thunderstorms on the fruit machine song "Insert coin".

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